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April 14 2015


Build Your Own Solar Panels

It is possible to plan a Solar Panel Build yourself for your home. There are a few things you need to understand first. You cannot build a solar cell from scratch. Those need to be manufactured in a factory. You can purchase solar cells and build the panels for them yourself to save money. Homemade solar panels are not as efficient as the prefabricated ones. They are not as expensive either, but you need to know that they will not perform as well. Also, homemade panels usually do not last as long as the prefabricated ones. Some solar panel companies sell kits and supply all the materials you need to construct your own panel. You just have to put it all together. They are still not as efficient, but they are cheaper.

The essential part of learning How to Build a Solar Panel from Home is a great set of instructions. The ones that come with an instructional video will cost a bit more, but will be worth it. Once you have instructions, you will need to purchase the solar cells. You should be able to find them online. Other materials needed are lumber, copper wire, Plexiglas, screws, a screwdriver, a saw, and a power drill. All of those can be found at your local hardware store. Articles regarding solar panels and building your own are available at http://solarpanelbuild.com.

Solar Panel Build

The time it will take you for your Solar Panel Build depends on your skills and abilities. If you can follow directions, and have experience with a saw and a drill, it may take you an afternoon. When you build solar panels, there are codes that have to be met. Utility companies supply information packets to help you, and code inspectors can provide useful information as well. You will need a permit to install your completed panel on your home, so check with local building ordinances when that time comes.

Steps for construction begin with building a frame that will house the purchased solar cells. Next, you solder the cells together and run the wire through them. The last step is to attach Plexiglas to cover the frame and protect the cells and the wiring. The important thing throughout the process is to follow the instructions exactly. If the cells are not aligned properly, or the wire not secure, the panel will not work. Once the panel is finished, you can install it on the roof and wire it to the electrical system. Be safe with this step. If you are not sure about it, hire an electrician.
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